Global Solutions ...One Project at a Time

everyone considered ecology first, as we do, on every project? How many ecological functions and values could be obtained even on highly urban development and infrastructure projects?

we embrace the opportunity to transact the repair and healing of past impacts to our landscape-scale ecosystems, proving that development and restoration can coexist.

a determination of how a project site can remain or become ecologically productive by fostering collaboration among our distinguished staff of ecologists, engineers, earth scientists and landscape architects.

between solutions that harness natural processes is the key to managing long-term impacts and costs, relying on self-repair and adaptation, rather than external maintenance procedures.

ecological sustainability, Bioengineering Group applies a three-phase interdisciplinary methodology to all of its projects, emphasizing green solutions that are affordable, constructible, and reliable.

provides the foundation for communities that are more economically sound, enjoy greater quality of life, and are highly sociable.


What if every day we make the choice to ensure
ecological sustainability?

Sustainability matters...
and it doesn’t have to cost more.

In fact, sustainable approaches can generate revenue.
We know. We’ve been doing it since 1992.

Ecologists, Earth Scientists, Engineers, Landscape Architects

Renewable Energy Planning, Building Energy Assessment, Net Zero Installations

Research, Development, Policy

Flood Control & Hurricane Protection Infrastructure


Environmental Remediation

Coastal, River & Wetland Restoration

Land Development, Sustainable Planning and Design (LEED)

Parks, Open Space & Greenways

Watershed & Stormwater Management

Community Process, Permitting & Training

Construction Management, Design/Build